Zano Bazaar is an Open Source, P2P Marketplace which focuses on being Surveillance-proof, allowing users to conduct P2P trades of Goods and Services away from Five Prying Eyes. Zano Bazaar takes a modern approach compared to traditional, centralized Privacy Preserving Marketplaces, most of which use Anonymization Networks such as TOR or I2P for example.

Zano + NYM's Mixnet

What if you could cut out the need for TOR and its real and theoretical attack vectors, as well as the centralized, surveillance ridden hubs (Marketplaces) being monitored by Nation State level threat actors each second. What if you could be as confident about your general OpSec as you are with your transactional Privacy?

With Zano Bazaar you can, thats because posting an offer(goods or service) for the world to see IS simply a transaction, a tx that posts the offer to the Zano Blockchain and takes advantage of the same privacy as a normal tx.

I expect at some point, Zano Bazaar will be the gate through which many majority Monero users pass as they discover Zano, in fact, Zano's lead dev, Andrey Sabelnikov, was also lead dev of Bytecoin, which is what Monero is forked from.

Zano is based on the Cryptonote protocol, but is not a fork of the original Bytecoin project, many call it the evolution of Cryptonote, extending into becoming a fully fledged Privacy preserving Ecosystem.

NYM's Mixnet

Bazaar uses the NYM Mixnet to handle live communication's between buyers and sellers, those on the cutting edge know that Mixnet's such as NYM are theoretically stronger than TOR and have less Nation State level attention , a perfect fit for such a use case as a Marketplace.

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