How it works

The docs are a work in progress, over time I will populate them with more visuals to help comprehend how Bazaar works, but for now, read on.


Zano Bazaar is Decentralized, and your offer (product or service) is stored, encrypted, on the Blockchain. Offers are posted to the Blockchain and are in the for of a transaction.

Market Squares

Users can created what I like to call, Private 'Market Squares', where only those who are invited (given the keys) can participate as buyers or sellers. Nobody owns these squares or has any special privaladges, its simply users agreeing to use the same secret to encrypt their offers, but conveniently served via the frontend. What this means is an existing TOR based vendor could post offers, but only give their most trusted people access to participate (see their offers).

Confidential Asset Management

With Zano's upcoming Zarcanum upgrade, they're introducing CA's. In simple terms, these are like ETH tokens, but with Privacy, users can create, emit or burn tokens using the Bazaar Asset Manager.

Trade in Confidential Assets

Users can choose to trade using $ZANO, or any Assets created on Zano, this could be very fun and I'm sure there's opportunities and things that will happen with this we cant yet imagine.

Live comms

Users can quickly spin up direct, live chats with 'vendors', under the hood this functionality utilizes the NYM Mixnet, and is about as secure as you can get currently.

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