The website has a cool little shoutbox which users can use to give a shout out, leave a message, a link to their website, or whatever they want (aslong as its a string). Open source, voluntary based community stuff doesn't pay, but more often than not its us who need to build the tools we want to use. I wont make this an exhaustive donations appeal but consider using the shoutbox to show your support.

The Shoutbox, an experiment in free speech?

The shoutbox is a section on the front of the website that scrolls users messages, to use, do the following:

  • Send a minimum of 3 $ZANO or more* to the @zanobazaar alias

  • Leave your shout in the comment of the transaction and send

  • Wait a few minutes for your message to appear

Its a donation

The shoutbox was created to make it easy and fun to send donations, and perhaps gain some visibility for whatever message you want to get across in the process. The mininum is 3 $ZANO to trigger the shoutbox, but you can send as much or as little as you want!

Donation address

for good measure, the Bazaars donation address is:

Address: ZxD5hBEJxPtVXqdcqPg1Hqgb9HNAJRPTgdKYK299sDL9GW8zoxLEmjqCJU1SNorivN5RTGRgeB2vyjD4hDGG3ZsE1WsYbXUoF

Alias: @zanobazaar

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